Thursday, December 12, 2013

So I went to California with the express purpose of going to various real life locations of sights in GTA V. I also have a selfie at “Ammu-nation” but it is just a nondescript gun range and tumblr says it won’t fit in the photo set. There’s also a Hollywood Bowl one too but same deal, too many photos. There’s some extras at my twitter but they’re not that exciting.

I tried to get good “in between faces” kind of like what Trevor looks like all the time but I don’t want to post 10 really terrible photos of myself. Only like 7 or 8.

I didn’t have enough time to hit up everything because LA is fucking huge.

Here are the locations I hit up:
1. Raton Canyon aka Bixby Bridge
2. oriental theatre aka Graumann’s Chinese Theatre
3. Vinewood sign aka the Hollywood sign
4. Idk what it’s called in game, but that’s the Hollywood reservoir or something.
5. the Los Santos observatory aka The Griffith Observatory.
6. Von Crastenburg Hotel aka the Roosevelt Hotel
7. RON Alternates Wind Farm aka some nondescript wind farm outside Palm Springs
8. The Alamo Sea aka the Salton Sea
9. Trevor’s hood aka Sandy Shores aka Bombay Beach aka an amalgam of every shithole town on the Salton Sea. I didn’t get a chance to go to Salton City but I just about shit my pants in excitement in this town. Rockstar did such an amazing job capturing every last detail of these towns right down to the dune buggy at every other trailer, the sand berms surrounding the edge of town, folks riding around in golf carts and Minutemen arresting illegals on the side of the road (literally).
10. And finally the hippie town in the desert Beam Me Up aka Salvation Mountain.


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